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Web Presence Optimization: Rise Above the Online Noise

More than 90% of b2b and 80% of high-value consumer buying decisions start with online search. Thatís why CMOs pay such great attention to online marketing.

The problem is that online marketing is managed as a hodgepodge of digital silos: social media, SEO, paid ads, and content marketing are the most recognized. But online marketing is far more than traditional digital marketing.

Often overlooked is how traditionally non-digital disciplines are creating a powerful online presence of their own, especially PR and industry marketing. It’s this type of earned content that carries weight with both buyers and search engines and needs to be managed as part of an overall online mix of marketing tactics.

Web Presence Optimization: Manage Your Online Marketing Mix
Your marketing mix can no longer be managed as separate disciplines nor viewed and traditional and online. In reality, nearly every program you use affects your online visibility. So it’s critical to Be able to effectively track, measure, prioritize, benchmark, and coordinate your owned, earned and paid programs requires a strategic framework focused on optimizing your web presence. It’s called Web Presence Optimization (WPO)

The WPO framework breaks down the walls that separate a number of marketing and PR tactics and categorizes web visibility in five areas of presence — Website (SEO), Social, PR, Industry and Paid — that are fueled by an optimized content strategy.

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WPO Competitive Benchmarking
It’s not only important to track and measure your own web presence, it’s equally important to benchmark your performance against your competitors’. Having an understanding of their online plan helps you make sure you’re visible where they are — because your prospects are there, too.

The Bottom Line
KCA is the pioneer in WPO strategy and execution. We developed the industry framework and set of web presence metrics and competitive benchmarks used to coordinate and optimize your entire web visibility and credibility.

When it comes to executing your WPO strategy, we can help as much or a little as you need—our full-service agency offers expertise is every area of web presence. And our groundbreaking approach and innovative metrics and competitive benchmarks assure you the best web presence optimization results.

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